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We service all areas of Gold Coast,  Redland City and Logan City, along with most areas of the Greater Brisbane Region.  

Residential Pest Control

We specialise in the control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, silverfish, wasps and rodents. All products used are registered with the relevant Australian Authorities.

Health and safety is paramount to us. We always conduct a risk assessment of the property prior to commencing treatment to ensure there will be no danger imposed on the client's family, home, or the environment. Together, with the help of the client, we can create an integrated pest management plan specific for their home.

Commercial Pest Control

We service all types of commercial premises, from small offices to warehouses, food and hospitality providers for all general pests.

Termite Services

All comprehensive visual termite inspections are performed in accordance with Australian Standards 3660.2.2000,and include usage of the latest thermal imaging technology and electronic reporting.  We also offer termite treated zones (Barriers) for both pre and post construction structures, along with reticulation and termite monitoring/baiting systems, ensuring we can provide the client with the necessary tools required to create an efficient, integrated termite management system best suited to protect their home from termite invasion.

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